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If you are focused on working smarter and not harder...


If you are looking for ways to reduce costs and become more profitable while not having to compromise on the quality of your work.

If you are starting at least 1 clear aligner case every 2 months.

We can help you save up to $65,000 over the course of the year.


One of the main reasons dentists find it challenging to incorporate aligner therapy into their practice is a lack of clinical confidence.

Confidence is achieved through experience, but it can be difficult to gain the experience while being mindful of not hitting bottlenecks like poor case selection, insufficient treatment planning, and less-than-optimal outcomes.

Utilising our expert team of specialist orthodontists who can complete the treatment plans for you to ensure predictable, efficient and stable clinical outcomes.

3 easy steps to big savings

how does it work?

Our program is designed to help you establish the systems and processes that enable you to begin more clear aligner cases and successfully close more treatments across all areas of your practice. With our guidance, you can take your practice to the next level and achieve greater success.

1. join the nework

Registration is a breeze and can be swiftly completed either online or over the phone.

2. Save money

Enjoy immediate access to tremendous savings on aligner lab fees, treatment planning services, and much more.

3. grow your practice

Continue your journey with clinical and practice development continuing education, paving the way for a significant increase in new aligner case starts.

become a member of the clear aligner excellence
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endless benefits

Reduce clear aligner costs to your patients.

Deal with fewer refinements and achieve shorter total treatment times.

Increase clear aligners cases within your clinic so you can hire more staff.

Complete more cases and become more proficient with aligner treatments.

Save time by getting treatment plans setup by our team of specialist orthodontists.

easy-to-use web portal

Clear aligner excellence in action

Presenting and closing clear aligner treatments can be a challenge, particularly since the public often views them as an elective option.

Additionally, implementing the necessary practice systems and processes can be a costly undertaking.

Dentists who subscribe to Clearex can access our online portal 24-7 and purchase aligner cases at a discounted rate.

They can also access a wide selection of live webinars and continual support from our team for advice on all aligner application hurdles you face.

an easy instant roi

Typically one new aligner case per Dentist every 2 months will cover the cost of your monthly Clear Aligner Excellence subscription, and our webinars qualify for 10 hours of your CPD.

Membership provides comprehensive online education to help dentists identify the right cases for aligner therapy, confidently present this treatment option to patients, and achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Biomechanics and attachments
  • Advanced attachments
  • Orthodontic records
  • Management of crowding
  • Management of spacing
  • Aligner setups
  •  Aligner case evaluations
  • Open bite and Class II cases
  • Class III cases
  • Analysis of different aligner systems
  • The new patient exam


No, we have partnerships with all leading brands of clear aligner products so you can stay with your existing brand. We are, however, able to offer larger savings on certain brands, so it might be financially beneficial for you to swap brands, but this is not something you are required to do to join the Clearex Buyers Group.

This is perfectly fine, not only can we help you find ways to unlock clear aligner opportunities within your current client base, but through CAPS, we can also put together the Optimised Treatment Plan for you, so you can avoid any of the guesswork and obtain predictable and high quality clinical outcomes.

We are more than happy to discuss equipment and software with you to determine which is going to be best suited for your clinic in the long term. Because we are independent of all clear aligner brands, we will be able to provide the best option for you.

Nope. As long as you’re doing at least one aligner every two months, you will be financially better off.

Ready to start saving big on aligner lab fees?

  • It’s free to get started with Bronze Membership.
  • With Silver and Gold Memberships you can save your practice thousands each year.
  • Access to ongoing clinical and practice development continuing education.
  • Refer your peers and unlock new savings and incentives.

Stay up to date with clear aligner excellence with the complimentary bronze membership!

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