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I have been fortunate to have been involved with Dr Geoffrey Hall and Dr Jesse Green's CAE Lead Generation Trial. It was a positive experience where we were explained clearly what the aim of this trial was for and updated on the process and progress along the way. CAE is a leader in the dental industry that is always looking for innovative ways to add value to the dental profession. Being a CAE member has allowed me to gain access to work with aligner companies that I might otherwise not have had the opportunity to work with. Thank you to the CAE team for all of your hard work and your fantastic professional, service!

Becky Chen

dentist, Ballarat Family Dental


Meet the leadership team

Dr. Geoffrey Hall

Myth-busting orthodontist

Dr Hall has been a pioneer in modern day orthodontics and education across Australia and internationally for several decades. The man known as the Myth-Busting Orthodontist was the first orthodontist to use Invisalign outside the United States, brought micro-implants to the Australian shores and was one of the first in Australia to utilise the Herbst appliance.

He has also founded the well known OrthoED Institute – training hundreds of dentists. He is the co-author of the popular textbook Clear Aligners – All You Need To Know and has a deep passion for clinical orthodontics, orthodontic teaching, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Dr. jesse green

Guiding You Towards Profitablity

Jesse has helped hundreds of dentists across Australia unlock more time, work less and create high-performance teams. With his proven strategies to gain more patients, more profit and more freedom, he always has something valuable to share that you can implement within your practice and gain an advantage.

Helping hundreds of practice owners develop their own approach to leadership and strategy as well as helping them implement the most efficient systems for dental practices across the country, he sits on the cutting edge of high-performing dental practices.

If you feel you’re starting to become the cliched tired overworked practice owners and desperately want to be the thriving practice owner with control and freedom, he is the man to help.

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