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Aligner Business Program

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next-level practice development

Presenting and closing clear aligner treatments can be a challenge, particularly since the public often views them as an elective option. 

Additionally, implementing the necessary practice systems and processes can be a costly undertaking.

To assist our members in overcoming these obstacles and growing their practice, we offer a comprehensive practice and business development training package. 

Our program is designed to help you establish the systems and processes that enable you to begin more clear aligner cases and successfully close more treatments across all areas of your practice. With our guidance, you can take your practice to the next level and achieve greater success.

Empower your practice and your team to work smarter and not harder

Our ALIGNER BUSINESS PROGRAM, created by CAE co-founder Dr. Jesse Green, is a comprehensive practice development resource that offers hours of valuable content.

Dr. Green is the mastermind behind Practice Max, a 7-step high-performance business program that incorporates the latest entrepreneurial tools and innovative ideas from the dental and non-dental industries. 

He is known for developing customized solutions that produce financial outcomes, high-performing teams, and intelligent systems that maximize profits and time for ambitious practice owners.

Our program draws from Dr. Green’s decades of experience in coaching dental practices to reach their full potential, incorporating the latest cutting-edge business practices. 

With the ALIGNER BUSINESS PROGRAM, you’ll have access to Dr. Green’s proven strategies to take your practice to the next level and achieve unprecedented success.

practice development education you can apply to every aspect of your practice

Course Curriculum

  1. How To Create & Build Robust Systems
  2. How To Train & Build Your Teams
  3. Next-Level Communication
  4. Handling Objections
  5. Aligner Appointment Funnel
  6. Cashflow Forecasting

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