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Aligner Education Program

aligner clinical training

more clinical confidence

Research has shown that one of the main reasons why general dentists sometimes find it challenging to incorporate aligner therapy into their practice is due to a lack of clinical confidence.

To gain confidence in providing aligner therapy, dentists should start by understanding how aligners work and which types of cases are best suited for this treatment option.

An increase in clinical confidence has been consistently shown to lead to more case presentations and new patient starts.

To address this challenge, we offer a comprehensive online educational platform that can help dentists identify the right cases for aligner therapy, confidently present this treatment option to patients, and achieve the desired outcomes.

a comprehensive clinical education package that covers all aspects of clear aligner therapy

Our aligner education program offers hours of comprehensive content created by Dr. Geoffrey Hall, a pioneering figure in modern-day orthodontics and education. 

With over 30 years of experience and having treated over 10,000 cases, Dr. Hall was the first orthodontist outside the USA to be accredited as an Invisalign Doctor in the early 2000s. He also established the world’s first Invisalign dedicated center, the Straight and White Centre, in Melbourne, Australia in 2003.

This online training curriculum is a culmination of Dr. Hall’s decades of experience with clear aligners. He draws from his extensive private practice background as well as his experience educating other dentists through the OrthoED educational service. 

Our program offers a robust and comprehensive learning experience that benefits from Dr. Hall’s unique expertise in the field.

everything you wanted to know about clear aligner therapy in one online resource

Course Curriculum

  1. Biomechanics & Attachments
  2. Advanced Attachments
  3. Orthodontic Records
  4. Management of Crowding
  5. Management of Spacing
  6. Aligner Setups
  7. Aligner Case Evaluation
  8. Open Bite & Class II Cases
  9. Class III Cases
  10. Analysis of Different Aligner Systems
  11. The New Patient Exam

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