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When submitting a new case to a clear aligner company, you often receive a one-size-fits-all computer-generated setup. 

This approach relies on algorithms that are applied uniformly, regardless of the unique needs of the patient.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for this impersonal approach. 

Our ALIGNER SETUP SERVICE offers predictable and stable results that are tailored to each patient.

By leveraging our partnership with the clinical experts at CAPS: Complete Aligner Planning Solutions, we can provide a full-service offering that includes clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, and virtual setup optimization. 

Our expert team ensures that your cases are handled with  the individual attention they deserve, with fewer refinements and shorter total treatment times.


Treatment Planning Optimization

1. Comprehensive diagnosis of the malocclusion based on a review of all submitted records

2. Custom orthodontic treatment plan and smile design to resolve the patient’s chief complaint and achieve Dr’s primary treatment goals

3. Virtual setup that incorporates the treatment plan and is then optimized to achieve a predictable and stable result while eliminating unnecessary movements and attachments

benefits include

– Less Dr-Time

– More efficient workflow

– Greater clinical confidence

– Expanded clinical scope of practice

– Fewer refinements

– Shorter total treatment time

– Increased case starts

– Improved patient satisfaction

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