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Starting patients on clear aligners can be increasingly challenging due to the rising cost of lab fees.

Manufacturers keep raising their prices, and Australian doctors face a significant surcharge compared to their counterparts in other locations, such as the United States.

However, the Exclusive Buyer’s Group provides a solution for Clear Aligner Excellence members.

They can now access discounts that are typically reserved for high-volume practices, making it easier and more affordable to start patients on clear aligners.

As a CAE member, you’ll gain access to tremendous discounts from every major aligner manufacturer in Australia, right from the day you join.

You can reduce overhead and increase profits by cutting the costs of your clear aligner lab fees by up to $900 per case. 

But that’s not all. Our buying group also provides discounts on patient financing fees, treatment planning services, whitening, dental monitoring, and much more. 

And, we are continually adding new strategic partnerships to our network, so you can keep improving your bottom line.

Get huge savings on all major aligner brands in Australia, and enjoy discounts on services you use every day.

With the savings you'll get right from the start, membership practically pays for itself on day one.

Ready to start saving big on aligner lab fees?

  • It’s free to get started with Bronze Membership.
  • With Silver and Gold Memberships you can save your practice thousands each year.
  • Access to ongoing clinical and practice development continuing education.
  • Refer your peers and unlock new savings and incentives.

Stay up to date with clear aligner excellence with the complimentary bronze membership!

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