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Orthodontist & Global Clinical Director

With 20 years of experience in Clinical Orthodontics, Dr. Garro graduated from dentistry in 2001 and worked for Align Technology for 12 years providing clinical support and education holding positions that include Clinical Staff, Clinical Support Specialist, Clinical Support Manager and Director of Clinical Education, EMEA. Dr. Garro was also on the Align European Leadership Team where she led initiatives that included University Programs, European Advisory Board, Speaker and KOL Programs. Dr. Garro is an International member on AAO, WFO and ALADO. She has dedicated her career to the orthodontic profession specializing in Clear Aligner Education. Since 2013 she practices orthodontics San Jose, Costa Rica and is the Clinical Director of ClearTPS were she leads a team of Clinical Experts and has overseen the management of over 100,000 clear aligner treatment plans.

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