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1. exclusive buying group

If your practice is already starting one case per month, CAE membership can pay for itself by saving up to $900 per case in aligner lab fees.

  • Save on lab fees with the seven biggest aligner companies in Australia.
  • Improve your bottom line with discounts on buy-now/pay-later patient financing fees, treatment planning services, whitening, dental monitoring, and much more.
  • New strategic partnerships being added every month.

2. aligner education program

Comprehensive clinical training designed to enable you to treat more complex cases predictably and efficiently, resulting in quadrupling your new aligner case starts.

  • Nine online courses with workbooks to include Case Evaluation, Treatment Planning, Biomechanics, Attachments, Crowing Cases, and many more.
  • New content added each month from our international faculty of clinical experts.

3. aligner business program

Train the entire team to successfully present and close more treatment using proven processes and scripting to add an average of $250,000 in additional annual profit.

  • Grow all aspects of your practice with the latest business development techniques designed to work for all types of treatment – not just aligners.
  • Six online courses with workbooks to include Building Teams, Handling Objections, Creating Systems, Cashflow Forecasting, and more.
  • New practice development content added each month.
  • Marketing support to help differentiate your practice.




Since I started up my practice in Sydney nearly 11 years ago, I have attended a few different business coaching workshops and also worked with one on an ongoing basis. I can confidently say that I feel at home with CAE team! Their level of knowledge, leadership skills and their personalized approach is second to none. I feel VERY supported and cared for. My practices now have systems in place which allow myself and my team to perform, produce and also have a better work-life balance. I cannot recommend them highly enough to my peer practice owners. 5 stars all the way!

Fatemeh Heidary


We are estactic that we attended the CAE seminar this week . The atmosphere was awesome & we definitely loved the networking aspect where we gained useful tips from other practice owners . CAE's program is a definite must for any practice established or new to become the best they can be . Thanks CAE and the team.

fran clarke

Dentist - Lake haven

Professional, personal & practical all combined with a wealth of knowledge & support to tailor your business to success. Thank you CAE team for making this possible & your continued support of our growth.

Lydia Williams

CAE team are really Helping Dentists Grow. If you are looking at a Business coach to put systems and protocols in place, CAE will be your perfect choice. Great knowledge. Engaging presenter.

ritesh barua


If your practice is already starting one case per month,
CAE membership can pay for itself
with instant access to the exclusive buying group.

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